Dave Mundy and Callum Latta 

Dave Mundy and Callum Latta are an acoustic blues duo based out of St. John’s, Newfoundland. They perform a combination of original music and covers that span decades of classic blues musicians, offering a performance that would remind you of a gospel tent. Dave, a singer/songwriter and harmonica player from St. Louis lived for years in the southern United States where he absorbed the music and culture, developing an authentic yet fresh take on blues music. Callum grew up between Newfoundland and Nova Scotia where in his teens he developed a fixation on fingerstlye guitar playing that led him to a love of acoustic blues. Since meeting two years ago the duo has played countless shows, including the Wreckhouse Jazz and Blues Festival twice.

The Best Kind is the electric version of Dave's music. It features Dave Mundy on electric harp and vocals, Callum Latta on guitar, and a rhythm section that has Dave Hill on bass and Rock Harley on drums, a duo that have been playing together in various bands for over 20 years. The band offers a dynamic show full of energy, soul, and music that's easy to dance to. Performing a mix of old Chicago blues and originals, they are sure to get you on your feet.

Want Dave Mundy and Callum Latta to play some soulful acoustic blues at your venue? Or maybe the Best Kind can deliver an energetic electric performance? Click here to contact us.

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