about ​Dave Mundy & The Best Kind

Savage guitar solo’s jump out of a tasty memphis groove, BAM. That poor harmonica being relentlessly squeezed for every ounce of soul. When a bass player and a drummer have been playing together for 25 years, magic. And who doesn’t like a well crafted song?  Catchy, heartfelt and ridiculously easy to dance to, this band is a bonafide good time. Dave Mundy was nominated for Best Blues Recording in 2015 by MusicNL. For more information please visit: www.davemundymusic.ca

about Dave Mundy & Callum Latta

An acoustic guitar,  stompboard,  harmonica, and a voice with something to say, it's as delta blues as it gets. This duo captivates with technical prowess, well crafted songs and fearless soulful expression. Six months after this group formed, they played at The Wreckhouse International Jazz & Blues Festival and are quickly establishing themselves in the St. John's folk scene. For more please visit: www.davemundymusic.ca 

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